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Skill-based Hiring: a New Model for Recruitment

in skill-based hiring, Almost any job position requires a candidate who has completed any degree and has 4-5 years of experience for the specific role, and maybe you have seen it while hunting for a job.  This can be a barrier for those who don’t have a degree but have relevant skills, and nowadays online education or edtech companies changes the way of learning, online learning, is more focused on acquiring the right skills, that’s why a new term called skills-based hiring is booming and it is very effective, in this post we will be looking at this, so let’s begin…!!!

Role of Skill-Based Hiring in Shaping the Workforce of Tomorrow

What is skills-based hiring?

Skill-based hiring simply focuses on what a job applicant can do, meaning employers see the practical skills & performance of the candidates instead of their formal education or qualifications. Skills such as maths skills, software skills, soft skills or critical thinking and customer service.

Employers or hiring managers are constantly looking at the candidates who are actually capable of doing the job, there are hundreds of thousands of STARs (people who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes) out there, and they are able to do better work because they acquired these skills through internships, apprenticeships or other programmes, these candidates are more likely to get the job.

Skill-based hiring vs traditional hiring

Skill-based hiring:

Skill-based hiring is an approach that focuses on candidates’ skills rather than their education or qualifications. Because nowadays working experience or practical skills are more important than theoretical knowledge, and it is far easier to train a skilled person.

Traditional hiring:

We all know about what traditional hiring is, it is simply an old process of hiring an employee. In this process, some requirements are strictly required for getting the job and without them, candidates can not get into the interview. Such as candidates should have a degree or in some cases they require an MBA with some years of experience etc. It becomes a barrier for those who acquired the relevant skill set through online courses or any other sources. That’s why skills-based hiring is good…!!!

Benefits of skills-based hiring

The biggest benefit of choosing a skills-based hiring strategy is that hiring managers can go up to a large number of candidates because there are no requirements for any education or qualifications. HR managers look at the relevant skills in the candidates for that required position, and they have more options to choose the best candidates who fit the position. On the other hand, students who do not have a required degree but have relevant skills, then they also get a job by their skills, acquired from free courses etc. Skills-based hiring helps students to get a job without completing a formal degree.

Why Skill-Based Hiring is on the Rise

The shift to skill-based hiring instead of degree-based hiring is finally  happening! Here's why - Education Today News

Skill based hiring is a very very good process of hiring an employee because here you as an employer have the satisfaction that the candidate has a skillset so that he can perform the tasks very well. If you hire a college graduate (this is good) and if the candidate doesn’t have the right skills because we all know that in most colleges they are teaching us theoretical knowledge, that’s why you have to train the candidate and it will take your time as well as money. So it is easier to hire a skilful candidate rather than a college graduate.

If the college graduates learn the skills through their internships and apprenticeships etc. Or from any other way, Then this is very good.


Nowadays skill is more important than a degree because employers prefer skilled candidates because it is far easier to train a person who has relevant skills rather than a degree holder, college graduates are more likely to have theoretical knowledge while a skilled person has practical knowledge.

So I think now you have a better understanding of what skills-based hiring is and why skill-based hiring is better than traditional hiring. If you need any help or guidance then feel free to contact us. We guide you and give you an opportunity to get your dream job as fast as possible.

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