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Why Do Companies Need a Product Analyst? : 5 different Roles of a Product Analyst.

Product analyst, what is a product analyst? Every company has a product or service, and they want to continuously improve their products or services so that they can beat the competitors. Nowadays competition is very high, almost everyone wants to open their own business, but most of them open a business to make money, and for that, they reduce the price of their products or services so that if they sell cheaper than most customers want to buy from them who sell the products cheaper from others. But this strategy does not always work. Companies must have a better product or service then they can survive and make profits, in the crowded market.

That’s why the term product analyst comes, here companies hire a person or a group of people who are specialized in the industry or understand why people buy some kind of product or services and why they don’t buy some products or services.

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A product analyst’s main goal is to improve the company’s product or services, or help product development teams make better products. In this article, we will give you an overview of who is a product analysts, what problems they solve, etc. If you want to become a product analyst then this article will help you. So let’s begin…!!

Who is a product analyst?

The goal of a product analyst is to support their company’s growth & help them improve their market share/position by developing user-friendly products. The role of product analyst is an important role in a product development team. Product analyst performs market research on new products, analyzes market data, studying trends, regulations & competition in a given area of industry. We can say their main goal or job is to build great products by analyzing the market, data, etc.

What are the kind of problems they solve

There are some duties of a product analyst or problems they solve:

●       They identify the target market, price, and inventory levels, for soon-to-be-developed or improved services or products.

●       They constantly monitor market results as well as report or communicate with the management, so that they can take the right actions to grow market share or avoid loss.

●       They also monitor the product through introductory growth, maturity, and decline stages to anticipate market factors to retain the profits.

●       They help product teams in their product decisions by using quantitative data to inform the next steps.

●       They provide detailed verifiable product & market assessments to the management.

●       They collect and analyze data regarding potential markets, like consumer age group, geography, socio-economic levels, etc.

●       They analyze the marketing results of the product by customer polls, collecting data from end-users or interviewing them if needed.

●       They create metrics or use existing ones & monitor them to evaluate the user’s happiness with the product.

●       Provide timely data insights.

●       They share responsibility for the company’s growth & profitability through product development.

What Skills Do a Product Analyst Need?

The following are the key Skills a Product Analyst Needs:

●       Business acumen – Better understanding of Business.

●       Creativity in finding solutions.

●       Proficient in database software.

●       Critical thinking.

●       Enjoy experimenting with data.

●       Analytical and problem-solving skills.

●       Attention to detail.

●       Can work under pressure.

●       Logical thinker.

●       Attention to detail and accuracy.

●       Strong interpersonal skills.

●       The ability to adapt to change.●       Must know Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint).

If you are looking for a career option in this field, then you must take into consideration the above points as it plays a vital role in the future of an individual, think deeply before choosing a career option. As this will inturn lead you to your dream job and finally the future.

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