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5 ways to get a job as a Data Analyst

Nowadays, the term “Data Analytics” is booming. You must have also heard of Data analytics. But some of us don’t know what Data Analytics is, right?

We all know that most companies are collecting their customer’s data, but the data is in its raw form. This raw data does not give them (company) meaningful insights about their customers, so these companies hire a few people who are good at converting the raw data into a readable or can find valuable insights from that data. These people are called data analysts.

If you want to make a career in this field or if you want to become a data analyst, then this is fantastic because now we have a tonne of data, still, most the companies are not able to get insights from the data, that’s why the job for data analysts is booming right now, companies are constantly looking for a good data analyst. In this post, we will talk about what data analytics is, how to become a data analyst, how to get a job as a data analyst, etc. Let’s begin!

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the process of analysing the raw data to find unseen patterns, future trends & actionable insights. So that executive teams can make better decisions based on these insights.

We can think that data analytics is a form of business intelligence, which means it is used to solve a particular problem or challenge in an organisation. Data analytics is all about finding patterns in a dataset. These patterns can give you some very useful information about the company such as how your customers or set of people behave or how your employees engage with a tool.

With Data analytics you can simply use past data to predict future trends and make decisions as per the insights. Data analytics help companies to understand their employees, customers as well as industry much better than before.

 What does a Data Analyst do?

In simple words, a data analyst – extracts raw data, organises it, analyzes it, and gets information that can help the organisation to make better business decisions, as well as learn so much about the end user’s behaviour with the data.

We can say that a data analyst is a translator – he translates raw data into meaningful insights. Meaning data analysts use the raw data and get some meaningful insights that can solve a problem or improve the company’s product.

Here are some points, on what you can expect to do as a data analyst:

  • Filter & clean data 
  • Build and customise reports 
  • Develop & implement databases and data collection systems
  • Collect data from data sources
  • Create and maintain documentation regarding data models, measures, & infrastructure.
  •  Analyse, Identify, & interpret trends as well as patterns in complex data sets
  • Build and customize reports

So here we’ve taken a high-level look at what a data analyst does?

I think now you have a better understanding of what work a data analyst does.!

Data Analyst vs Data Engineer vs Data Scientist

Data science is a large domain, in the data science field there are multiple roles such as data analyst, data scientist and data engineer, etc. Here we will give you a brief introduction to how data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers are different from each other. So let’s begin…!

Data analyst : Data analysts collect the raw data, organize it and analyze it to get meaningful and actionable insights that help companies to make better decisions.

Data Engineer: Data Engineers ensure that any data is properly received, stored, transformed, and made accessible to other users, they optimize the systems, so that data scientists and analysts can get the data and perform the task.

Data Scientist : Data Scientists also know how to clean, analyze and Visualize data, like data analysts but they have more in-depth knowledge and skills, they specialized in statistics and build machine learning models to predict future trends and answer business questions.

How to get a Data Analyst?

If you want to become a data analyst, but don’t know where to start, here is a quick overview of the skill sets that you need to learn. By learning these skills, you will get an Entry-level data analyst job. If you want to know how to get a job as a data analyst, So here are the points;

  • Programming Languages: You should know one of the programming languages and have some working knowledge of programming languages. You will use R, Python, or SAS programming languages as per requirements for gathering and cleaning data, etc.
  • Effective Communication: You should have a good level of communication skills, without it you as a data analyst do not convey your research properly to the team of executives, this is one of the most important skills.
  • Creative and Analytical Thinking: As a data analyst, you should be a creative or critical thinker. This will help you to solve critical problems and generate interesting research questions that improve the company’s understanding of its customers or products.
  • SQL Databases: You have to know the working of SQL Databases, these are relational databases with structured data, for data analysis you have to pull data from different tables.
  • Data Mining, Cleaning, and Munging: As a data analyst, you must learn how to use other tools to get unstructured data, and clean & process it through a programming language.
  • Data Visualization: You must learn what types of graphs should be used for data visualization, how to scale them, and most importantly which charts to use depending on their audience.
  • Data Warehousing: You have to learn about databases and data warehousing because some data analysts work on the back-end, they have to connect databases from multiple sources for creating a data warehouse, and then they use query languages to get & manage data.
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel: You should know advanced Excel such as advanced modelling and analytics techniques.
  • Machine Learning: Although it is not required for a data analyst job, if you have machine learning skills, then it will be very good for you. 

How to get a job as a data analyst the right way

Finding a job as a data analyst is a little difficult task, because if you are fresher then you have to have the patience to get that job. But getting an entry-level job as a data analyst is not a very difficult task, you just have to improve your skills, and make some real-world projects so that your employer can see your work.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you have to apply for internships because there are more chances to get hired as an intern, once you get some level of experience then you can switch.

Always look for some certification courses and constantly improve your technical skills, hiring managers should trust you as you can fit in their organization, for this reason, certificates and building real-world projects will help you.

How can help you to get a job as a Data Analyst?

Nowadays companies are looking for a candidate who can perform the tasks very well, that’s why employers are more focusing on the skills that a candidate has to do the job,

A skillful person is better than a person who only has a degree, companies change their hiring strategy and hire candidates by their skills. This is called “Skill Based Hiring”, and it is booming right now.

That’s why we ( came as a Skill-Based Hiring Platform, what do we do? We help you to get your dream job as soon as possible, and for this, we will provide you with all the things, training, etc. that you will need to get your dream job or a Data Analyst job. So if you want to get a Data Analyst job ASAP, then Join us.

What are some best data analyst courses (Free & Paid)

There are many courses and programs, where you can learn and become a data scientist, some are Free & some are Paid…!

It’s all up to you, what courses you choose to become a data analyst. These (both free & paid) courses also give you a certificate. 

Here we’ll suggest you some Free as well as Paid courses;

Free Courses : 

Google data analytics course

IBM data analytics course

Paid Courses –

Become a Data Analyst – Linkedin Learning

Data Analyst in R – Dataquest

Business and Data Analysis with SQL – Skillshare


Skill to become a data analyst 

You must have these skills to become a data analyst;

Programming Languages

Effective Communication

Creative and Analytical Thinking

SQL Databases

Data Mining, Cleaning, and Munging

Data Visualization

Data Warehousing

Advanced Microsoft Excel

Machine Learning

What Tools do data analysts use?

A data analyst uses these tools;

Microsoft Excel


Jupyter Notebook

Apache Spark


Microsoft Power BI



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