Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Who should join these programs ?

Anyone who wants to start a career in Data Analytics should join.  


Program is meant for students in their final year of graduation / post graduation, freshers, early stage professionals and anyone who wants to make a transition into Data Analytics.

I am a beginner, should I join ?

Yes, you should. 

Programs are designed for absolute beginners and you will go through a structured path to become job ready as an analyst and land a job in Data Analytics

How is the program structured ?

The Program is composed of 8-9 Sprints, each focussing on a specific set of skills. 

For completing each Sprint, the learner must finish all the experiences with a minimum number of Skill Points. 

Hiring window opens post successful completion of 3rd sprint and Job Guarantee starts after successfully completing 8th Sprint. 

Complete details can be found in the brochure. 

Is this program a bootcamp ?

We are more than a bootcamp.

While we have all the components of a bootcamp : Live Masterclasses, Live Doubt support, and provide a structured plan to follow, we are not exactly a military style bootcamp.

You can set your own schedule and decide to join the sessions through a pre-released open calendar. You will have some flexibility in choosing your Sprints and a lot of flexibility in choosing your priorities inside a Sprint. 

Do we get Certified?

Yes, you get an end of program certificate and also badges and skill certificates at each Sprint completion.

All Certificates and Badges can be socially shared. 

Can I do this along with my job/studies ?

Yes, very easily. 

This program is designed to ensure structured effective learning with both 1) live learning with experts through scheduled sessions and 2) working on micro-work-experiences at your own pace.

Who are your hiring partners ?

Hiring partners for this program include top Global & Indian MNCs as well as fast growing start-ups. Few companies that hired in the past from our platform are  Zomato, Stanza Living, Kohler, Open Secret, Shop Kirana, Convosight, Udaan amongst others.

Is there a selection process for me to get into this program ?

No, there is no criterion for selection. We believe everyone should get the opportunity to crack their dream career. 

Having said that, we do expect you to follow the structured plan and successfully complete assignments/tests at the end of each sprint to move ahead in the program.

What is the refund policy ?

We remain committed to the quality of delivery and promised output. 


We refund 100% of the fee for all programs within 10 days of payment in case you are not satisfied with the program, no questions asked. 


For the Job Guranantee Program, we refund 100% of course fee if we are not able to place you with a CTC equal to or more than INR 5 Lac per annum within 6 months of program completion. 

For students still in their college, a paid internship will be provided and post completion of their degree, we will initiate the guarantee period of 6 months. 


Course competition mean completing the program till Sprint 8 with a minimum number of Skill points.

What is Micro Experience how is it different from a project?

MicroExperiences  (MX) are real work scenarios faced by professionals in their organisations which we have translated into a series of guided “Tasks”. These guided tasks help you solve these exact problems following the industry best practices and ultimately building solutions that organisations would love. 

MX stand out because they are designed to help you learn about the business scenarios and build confidence in your skills that “cookie-cutter” projects and 100s of hours of courses won’t do.

What is Skill age? How does it help me?

Skill Age is a proprietary model that measures your ability to apply skills.

Say you do a MX and gain 10 Weeks in SkillAge, it essentially tells you that it would have taken someone at least 10 weeks of on the job work to learn the same skills.

Simply put you are now certified to have skills equivalent to 10 weeks of actual work experience 🙂 

Higher skill age implies that you are ahead competition and it also tells the recruiters that you are able to apply your skills instead of just learning them.

Never be a Fresher again 😉 

Can I say I worked for Amazon for 10 weeks and put it in as full time work experience ?

This is not a fulltime job experience. The intent of Micro Experiene is to help you apply your skill on real world situations and showcase these skills to the companies that you want to work for. 

Short answer : 

Full time work experience – No 

Intern – Yes but not with Amazon. Check if your campus allows you to do portfolio projects during your internships, though most campuses do. If yes, we would be happy to give you internship certificates

How do I build my skill brand through bluetick?

One of the pain points we observed while hiring and teaching over last 14 years was that a lot of us did great work but were not able to showcase it in the right way and missed out on great opportunities.

Hence, the design of MX was done in such a way that you end up with “Proof of Skills” after you complete it. Which you then share with the world who can see the amazing work you did. 

Every time you complete a MX, you build a deliverable ( dashboard, model, app ) which gets reviewed at industry standards and becomes proof of skills that you can share with recruiters.

Second, we will help you build a sharable “Showcase collateral” where you talk about how you did the MX,skills you learnt. Imagine when the hiring managers see these proof of skills on your CV/LinkedIn!

How do I sign up for the platform?

This is currently an invite only platform where we invite 100 users who will be the first ones to work on MicroExperiencesTM  and also help us with their inputs on the kind of experiences they would love to see on If you are interested in being the first “Tribe of bluetick”, here is the link to register, our team will get back with your credentials

What if I have some doubts or get stuck while going through the MX ?

We have taken cues from how each of us had a mentor and coach when we started work and we can always go to them and ask doubts. 

MX are designed in such a way that you are never alone. While each task in MX is defined in detail and there are hints to solve them, if you are stuck at any step, you have a 1:1 doubt resolution with your MX coach 24*7

How do I learn the skills needed to complete an MX? Will you teach them?

Yes. This is done in 2 ways. 

At each step of MX, any new concept is explained before exposing you to the problem statement.


Second, as soon as you purchase a MX, you automatically get access to “Live Skill Workshops” where you will learn the skills live from Industry experts to help you ace the MXs. and learn how to apply a tool to solve problems.

Will there be some evaluation at the end of the Micro experience ?How will I be graded for these MXs?


Each MX you do gets reviewed to make sure that the way in which you have applied the skills and developed the solution meets Industry standards. 

Post submission, you will receive the feedback on different areas of MX and specific inputs to bring them upto Industry standards

Will I get a certificate at the completion ?


Certificate of completion mentioning your current SkillAge, Specific Skill Badges and Showcase collateral that you can share on your Social network

Currently these MXs are designed for those looking at careers in Data and Analytics.

However, given the rise of data in roles across different industries , reach out to us to connect with the founding team to understand which current MXs can suit your need.

I am not looking for an analyst role but I do need data skills, which MXs should I do?

MXs are a great way to improve your data skills. 

Specially if you are into project management,HR,Sales,Ops,Product management,Marketing reach out to us and we will help you pick up the MX that meets your needs

How do I select a MX that is right for me?

For every MX, you would see the MX tile that will help you understand what tools and skills are involved. It also gives you information about what is the level of those MX and the duration.


If you are just getting started with your data career prep journey,start with small duration and smaller Skill Age MXs. As you gain confidence, graduate to longer duration , higher Skill Age MXs

Is there any time window/expiry time in which I have to complete the MX from the purchase date ?


There is no expiry date. We would help you structure and to keep track of your progress on your MXs that you have purchased. You can do these at your pace as there is no fixed start and end date.