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Prerequisite : no prior understanding of excel needed
2 Day Excel foundation : Learn the core concepts that analysts commonly use for data cleaning, transformation and analysis.

  1. Joining multiple datasets using lookups
  2. Maths,Text, Date functions to transform data into analysis ready shape
  3. Conditional logic like IF, SUMIF, COUNTIF etc. to make decisions on data
  4. Answering business questions using pivot tables
  5. How an analyst uses excel to apply all these concepts
Prerequisite : prior understanding of excel is a good to have
2 Day SQL foundation : Learn and apply core concepts of SQL, must have skills for an analyst on a real world data set
  1. Moving from Excel to SQL & the why of relational databases
  2. Filtering and sorting datasets
  3. Aggregating and advanced filtration
  4. Conditional logic – CASE-WHEN
  5. Joining multiple datasets – Understanding concepts of Primary and Foreign keys
  6. Bonus case study to test your SQL muscle
Prerequisite : prior understanding of excel is a must have
2 Day guided MicroExperience as an Analyst : Apply excel functions to solve a real industry scenario that you will face as an analyst
  1. Objective : Improve the defective dashboard for a FMCG company
  2. Stage 1: Data clean up
  3. Stage 2 : Data Transformation 
  4. Stage 3 : Data analysis and Visualisation

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Know your Mentors

Mohit Jhurani

Mohit, an MBA from IIFT Delhi, has worked across MNCs like P&G and unicorn startups like Rivigo across supply chain, e-commerce and analytics for over 12 years.

As the founder of Base Camp Skill Labs, he has mentored and taught 1000+ students and professionals from top universities and organizations to kickstart their data analytics career.

His message : It doesn’t matter where you are today, but where you want to be tomorrow.

Mohit Malani

Mohit Malani comes from a rich background of Operations, Process Excellence, Engineering and Program Management across top organizations like Suzlon, Shapoorji and Praj enterprise.

Over 13 years, Mohit has helped leading organizations to incorporate analytics in their business processes.

As the co-founder of Base Camp Skill Labs, Mohit has mentored students and professionals across 10 states to make them not only learn tools but apply them on real work scenarios.

His message : I want to help you learn how to apply tools, that is what real world demands.

Kunal Kishore

Kunal Kishore, an MBA from BIT Mesra, is an expert in the field of analytics and data science with more than 10 years experience across multiple sectors in reputed companies like Car Dekho, Rivigo and Stanza Living and more.
Kunal is fueled by his passion for learning and applying analytics to help leading start-ups and organizations build their data-driven decision systems.
He is a perpetual learner and passionate about teaching and mentoring youth to build their career in new age technology, esp in the field of analytics.

His message : If you are looking at meeting your aspirations, put your potential to work.