Showcase your Data Skills.
One Micro Experience™ at a time.

Real industry challenges converted into guided experiences with live learning and expert support,
helping data aspirants build a proof of their skills and stand out.

How does top 1% candidates prepare for their dream career?

They find  industry grade  problems to test and apply their skills.
They learn by doing  just like professionals do.
They  build proof of their work and showcase it.

Solve real world problems

Real industry problems coverted to structured projects to help you apply your skills

Work with professionals

Work with Industry professionals  in live hands-on workshop. 

Build your Proof - of - Skill Portfolio

Each problem that you solve, goes on your portfolio and showcases your readiness by building proof of your skills. 

Micro Experiences™

Showcase your skills, Solve real industry problems

Build a proof of your readiness by solving real industry challenges. Our team of experts help you every step of the way.

Live Workshops

Hands on workshop based live learning with top experts

Go beyond learning syntaxes and tools. Work with experts and learn what do they do solve real business problems.

Our top Micro Experiences™

Showcase your skills and stand out in your data career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Micro Experience how is it different from a project?

MicroExperiences  (MX) are real work scenarios faced by professionals in their organisations which we have translated into a series of guided “Tasks”. These guided tasks help you solve these exact problems following the industry best practices and ultimately building solutions that organisations would love. 

MX stand out because they are designed to help you learn about the business scenarios and build confidence in your skills that “cookie-cutter” projects and 100s of hours of courses won’t do.

What is Skill age? How does it help me?

Skill Age is a proprietary model that measures your ability to apply skills.

Say you do a MX and gain 10 Weeks in SkillAge, it essentially tells you that it would have taken someone at least 10 weeks of on the job work to learn the same skills.

Simply put you are now certified to have skills equivalent to 10 weeks of actual work experience 🙂 

Higher skill age implies that you are ahead competition and it also tells the recruiters that you are able to apply your skills instead of just learning them.

Never be a Fresher again 😉 

Can I say I worked for Amazon for 10 weeks and put it in as full time work experience ?

This is not a fulltime job experience. The intent of Micro Experiene is to help you apply your skill on real world situations and showcase these skills to the companies that you want to work for. 

Short answer : 

Full time work experience – No 

Intern – Yes but not with Amazon. Check if your campus allows you to do portfolio projects during your internships, though most campuses do. If yes, we would be happy to give you internship certificates

How do I build my skill brand through bluetick?

One of the pain points we observed while hiring and teaching over last 14 years was that a lot of us did great work but were not able to showcase it in the right way and missed out on great opportunities.

Hence, the design of MX was done in such a way that you end up with “Proof of Skills” after you complete it. Which you then share with the world who can see the amazing work you did. 

Every time you complete a MX, you build a deliverable ( dashboard, model, app ) which gets reviewed at industry standards and becomes proof of skills that you can share with recruiters.

Second, we will help you build a sharable “Showcase collateral” where you talk about how you did the MX,skills you learnt. Imagine when the hiring managers see these proof of skills on your CV/LinkedIn!

How do I sign up for the platform?

This is currently an invite only platform where we invite 100 users who will be the first ones to work on MicroExperiencesTM  and also help us with their inputs on the kind of experiences they would love to see on If you are interested in being the first “Tribe of bluetick”, here is the link to register, our team will get back with your credentials

Bhavya Gupta
Bhavya GuptaData Management at KOHLER
Read More
Coming from a background of masters in economics, I wasn't confident about my future in the field of Data. helped me not only in building my confidence over my learning but also helped me land me a data job with Kohler.
Adarsh Patidar
Adarsh PatidarBusiness Analyst at RIVIGO
Read More
I worked hard to learn tools and skills needed for a career in Data but Bluetick helped me tell it to the world 🙂 These experiences helped me shine at my internship and land an offer, in my third year of Engineering itself.
Pradumn Asawa
Pradumn AsawaBusiness Analyst at RIVIGO
Read More
Guided Micro Experiences helped me struct ure my approach of working with data. In addition,such in-depth application really helped a lot during my interviews.
Prakhar Saxena
Prakhar SaxenaSupply Chain Analyst at Open secret
Read More
Micro Experiences gave me a confidence boost which motivated me to go further and prove it on a competitive scale by enrolling in various data competitions and challenges. I did knew I had it in me until I attempted the experiences they offer.
Vibhor Mongal
Vibhor MongalSenior Financial Analyst at eClerx
Read More
Learned a lot about how data works in the e-commerce industry and how to understand, solve business problems, and present data more effectively. Genuinely one of the best projects I have participated in.
Harshit Garg
Harshit GargQuality Career Guidance”
Read More
Thanks to the Last Mile Profitibality Model Micro Experiene and constant guidance for interview preparation, I cracked my first job with Zaast Logisolutions.
Nishi Saghvi
Nishi SaghviProject Manager at Systematix Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Read More
True to its name, Base Camp (now Bluetick.AI) is helping us to get our foundations strong before we begin our careers. The platform is not just to learn but apply learning to business problems.
Shalini Tiwari
Shalini TiwariProject Management Trainee at Systematix Infotech Pvt Ltd.
Read More
The constant support and guidance from the base camp mentors have helped me develop the confidence to face interviews and get the best out of me.
Deepika Carpenter
Deepika CarpenterAcademic Counsellor at UpGrad
Read More
Base camp's placement and preparation program, especially the mock interview, was beneficial. The connection with mentors and their positive feedback made me confident about myself.

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